Therapy Services


Strategy Solutions for

Businesses, Civic Organizations

Non-Profits, & Churches.

Wedding & Funeral Packages


Therapy Services

Initial Therapy Assessment: 90 minute session

EMDR Therapy: 90 minute session

Psychotherapy: 55 minute session

Advocate Services: Determined on a case-by-case basis and billed at an hourly rate.

Strategy Solutions

All packages are stand-alone or can be combined with one another.

Package One: Appraisal of Need: 

This package includes a comprehensive needs assessment in a specific area of focus or for the overall company as a whole. This includes an appraisal of strengths, message content, perceptions, exposure, gaps, blind spots and areas of opportunity for growth and more.  Findings will be presented in a written report for consideration.

Package Two: Development of Strategic Plan:

A strategic plan can be developed based on a particular goal, need, area of focus or new program content and/or development. Development of a written plan can be contracted for a specific area of need or in conjunction with the need’s assessment.  A strategic plan will be presented in written form for implementation.

Package Three: Implementation of Strategic Plan:

Implementation is available upon request.  Projected timeline will be included in proposal, along with fee structure and estimated expenses associated with implementation. A fee discount will be included in this package.

Below are examples of what each industry could potentially contract services for.

Business Development 

Community Partnerships

Giving Back Protocol

Internal Employee Development

Management/Employee Communication

New Programs & Systems Development

Marketing Evaluation

Social Media Evaluation & Presence

Logo & Brand Message 

Community Imaging

Messaging Content & Platforms

Logo & Brand Pervasiveness

Community Accessibility

Communication & Relationships with Faith Based Community 

Overall Exposure

Non-Profit Organizations:

Message Content (Mission, Vision & Values)

Community Stakeholders

Organizational Partnerships

New Program Development

New Program Needs

Marketing Evaluation

Social Media Presence

Fundraising Evaluation

Civic Partnerships


Church Administration

Ministry Team

Congregation Support

Community Reach

Community Engagement 

Church Influence 

Social Media Presence

Programs Offered

Programs Needed


Additional Services:


Packages include:

Pre-Marital Wedding Counseling (Four, Eight or Twelve Session Packages) 

Officiate Wedding Rehearsal

Officiate Wedding Ceremony

Signing of Wedding Certificate  



Packages include:

Pre-funeral planning & arrangements (optional)

Officiating Funeral Services

Post Family Counseling (optional)